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Jul 04

Blaming the Estuary Victim: Bad Massachusetts Accents As Justification for Homicide

“Pond’s for old ladies.”

Jul 01

This Ain’t No Party Or Boating Accident: Chrissie Watkins

Poor crabbyhanded Chrissie Watkins: We pour out our Narragansett to you.

Jun 29

Unfriendly Waters: Why June 29 Is Christmas to “Jaws” Fans

Did Alex Kintner really die on June 29? Is his watch really over?

Feb 29

“Go Set A Watchman” Is A Blood Diamond in the Rough

Sometimes the next thing that happens just isn’t that interesting to everyone else, Scout.

Nov 24

How I Lived To Be 46

46 is the least-popular 2-digit multiple of 23, but I’m making it look good.

Feb 10

I Still Pray To My Childhood Saints

When I first heard Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” I thought: “Why didn’t you release this instead of ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’, 90s Elton John?”

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Feb 03

Harper Lee Announces “Mockingbird” Sequel

“It’s Not A Re-Boo,” Author Says

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Nov 22

The Kindness of Black Holes

A Streetcar Named Extinction.

Jul 03

Holiday Roast: The 8-Day Amity Island Diet

Amity Island, like Brigadoon or King Arthur’s Avalon, is a place out of time that is powered by summer dollars and magical realism. But an Islander’s gotta eat — and not some license plate he found in a river. As has been proven with exhaustive scholarship, we cannot rely on police reports or flyers on …

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Jun 29

June 29: Ichthyology Numerology

A lot of things happened on both Tinian and Amity Islands on June 29. Let us help you make some sense of it. Listen to “Show Me the Way to Indianapolis” by Fogelfoot If history is written by the victor, then we do not know whom to trust in the various official and unofficial written …

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