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May 18

#Problematic! Drilling Down “The Street Where You Live”

Perhaps Eliza reasoned that a man who speaks redundancies would lack precision elsewhere.

Feb 01

Oz Never Did Give Nothing to Moulty: A Bucketa Massachusetts Accents

The Massachusetts accent isn’t achieved simply by dropping an R.

Jul 04

Blaming the Estuary Victim: Bad Massachusetts Accents As Justification for Homicide

“Pond’s for old ladies.”

Jul 01

This Ain’t No Party Or Boating Accident: Chrissie Watkins

Poor crabbyhanded Chrissie Watkins: We pour out our Narragansett to you.

Jun 29

Unfriendly Waters: Why June 29 Is Christmas to “Jaws” Fans

Did Alex Kintner really die on June 29? Is his watch really over?

Feb 29

“Go Set A Watchman” Is A Blood Diamond in the Rough

Sometimes the next thing that happens just isn’t that interesting to everyone else, Scout.

Nov 24

How I Lived To Be 46

46 is the least-popular 2-digit multiple of 23, but I’m making it look good.

Feb 10

I Still Pray To My Childhood Saints

When I first heard Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” I thought: “Why didn’t you release this instead of ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’, 90s Elton John?”

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Feb 03

Harper Lee Announces “Mockingbird” Sequel

“It’s Not A Re-Boo,” Author Says

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Nov 22

The Kindness of Black Holes

A Streetcar Named Extinction.

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