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Christmas in L.A. Is Officially Over

Prostrated Epiphany Tree II

This year’s Christmas season lasted from roughly August 30 to Super Bowl Sunday.

Thanks, Don Bailey

Ninth-grade Latin comes in handy yet again.

The Morris Day After


How I learned to stop worrying and seek a Stella to rap to.

Hell Is Second Amendment People

There is no exit from Donald Trump’s boneheadery.

“I Believe in America.”

What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?

Star Trek 237


Everyone calls me Doc, but I prefer Mister.

Remembering A Time When the Whole Human Race Was Not Jazzing for Blue Jean

Also, “Life On Mars?” was originally titled “Life in France?”

How I Lived To Be 46


46 is the least-popular 2-digit multiple of 23, but I’m making it look good.

Today in This: English Language Unveils More Demonstrative Adjectives for Social Media

demonstrative adjectives


The Coelacanth of Managed Expectations

enlightened coelacanth

Whether deep under the sea or in the boardroom, today’s Enlightened Coelacanth teaches (chosen pronoun) how to live (chosen possessive pronoun) life to its fullest.