March 25, 2023

4 thoughts on “Remembering Bart Sugarman

  1. This is all very well, but let’s leave the French out of it.

    P.S.: When, swept up in your preternaturally vivid prose, I found myself ACTUALLY SUDDEN FORGETTING *THAT MAN’S* NAME, I forced myself to try to remember it–unaided. No cheats. Glanced (involuntarily, I swear!) a few lines ahead, saw “Pollo,” and the rest suddenly fell into place.

    Either some definitive form of New-Englander-wise-ass-neuro-homogeneity is a REAL thing…OR this is simply the way the aural/oral/associative brain works.

    (That or–more like–we’re all living in a vastly-advanced computer simulation devised 13 billion years ago by Abe Vigoda.)

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