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For Those Who Think And Feel: Neil Peart (1952-2019)

Ghost Rider by Neil Peart

Neil Peart was in touch with some reality beyond the gilded cage.

Unclaimed but Not Invisible


Los Angeles has conducted a Burial of the Unclaimed Dead since 1896.

How I Lived To Be Fifty


“If Marty Barrett is fifty, what does that mean for me?”

Annals of True Crime: Love Locks And the AntiChrist

lovelocks on IFPF

If one has spent a considerable amount of time in Coalinga, can you really be surprised when it doesn’t work out?

Remembering Bart Sugarman

“It was one of the most gallant, generous, manly and disinterested Actions of my whole Life,” wrote Bart Sugarman, “and one of the best Pieces of Service I ever rendered my Country.”

Of Possums And Dogs

Gordon Thunderfoot: Murderdog

Even murderers have families.

You’re Not My Father, Queensryche


“Silent Lucidity” would be such a great song if “Comfortably Numb” didn’t already exist and I didn’t understand English.

Oz Never Did Give Nothing to Moulty: A Bucketa Massachusetts Accents


The Massachusetts accent isn’t achieved simply by dropping an R.

Tales from Above the Law (First in A Series)

Gordon Thunderfoot Is Not Allowed

“Now I’m that guy with the dog that attacks people,” I would have said, weeping bitterly, from jail.

Your Hip, Hapless Child


It’s missionaries, I think. I always talk to missionaries because they can at least put me down as a “maybe” and get more mission-kibble.