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Nov 18

Tales from Above the Law (First in A Series)

“Now I’m that guy with the dog that attacks people,” I would have said, weeping bitterly, from jail.

Aug 17

Your Hip, Hapless Child

It’s missionaries, I think. I always talk to missionaries because they can at least put me down as a “maybe” and get more mission-kibble.

Jan 01

Let Despair Be the First Celebrity Death of 2017

Be like Isidorus of Seville and cut it out.

Aug 22

Thanks, Don Bailey

Ninth-grade Latin comes in handy yet again.

Aug 10

Hell Is Second Amendment People

There is no exit from Donald Trump’s boneheadery.

Feb 29

“Go Set A Watchman” Is A Blood Diamond in the Rough

Sometimes the next thing that happens just isn’t that interesting to everyone else, Scout.

Feb 22

Questioning Velveteen

(Alf murdered cats and wasn’t good with electronics.)

Jan 25

Litterbugs Just Put It Over There

“(This trash) will be a balanced meal for a special kind of goat that eats only garbage and furniture.”

Jan 04

New Year’s Resolutions: East Vassalboro

In 2016, just stop picking at it.

Dec 04

Petsplaining: Smell My Dog

I have determined that my dog is a Posby.

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