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Name: Marty Barrett
Date registered: July 6, 2013


Maty Barrett is a writer working in Los Angeles.

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Nov 26

How I Lived To Be 47

Simple tips to help you beat the odds—and the will of God—to live to 47.

Aug 28

50 Years Ago Tonight: A Killer Lineup, Plus the Beatles, at Dodger Stadium

A half century ago today, the other bands on the Beatles’ Dodger Stadium bill were just as interesting.

Aug 22

Thanks, Don Bailey

Ninth-grade Latin comes in handy yet again.

Aug 16

The Morris Day After

How I learned to stop worrying and seek a Stella to rap to.

Aug 10

Hell Is Second Amendment People

There is no exit from Donald Trump’s boneheadery.

Aug 06

Larry Vaughn 2016

His kids were on that beach, too, in 2016

Jul 30

What’s A Few Sharks Between Bombs?

Great shipwrecks of the 20th century:
1. The U.S.S. Indianapolis
2. The Edmund Fitzgerald
3. Watership Down/The Ark of the Covenant

Jul 26

“I Believe in America.”

What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?

Jul 11

Star Trek 237

Everyone calls me Doc, but I prefer Mister.

Jul 04

Blaming the Estuary Victim: Bad Massachusetts Accents As Justification for Homicide

“Pond’s for old ladies.”

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