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Eat A Rocking Chair: The 8-Day Amity Island Diet


“It’s gonna be the best Fourth of July we ever had.”

Remembering A Time When the Whole Human Race Was Not Jazzing for Blue Jean

Also, “Life On Mars?” was originally titled “Life in France?”

This Ain’t No Party Or Boating Accident: Chrissie Watkins


Poor crabbyhanded Chrissie Watkins: We pour out our Narragansett to you.

Unfriendly Waters: Why June 29 Is Christmas to “Jaws” Fans


Did Alex Kintner really die on June 29? Is his watch really over?

Nice Things Are Not To Be Used

pens in an ashtray

Maybe I should just learn to type.

Time To Invest in More Rocks


I feed from the pathetic zombie computer like it’s organ harvest time in “The Matrix.”

“Go Set A Watchman” Is A Blood Diamond in the Rough

Harper Lee

Sometimes the next thing that happens just isn’t that interesting to everyone else, Scout.

Questioning Velveteen


(Alf murdered cats and wasn’t good with electronics.)

Litterbugs Just Put It Over There

“(This trash) will be a balanced meal for a special kind of goat that eats only garbage and furniture.”

Lucinda Williams Is in the Field Again

andrew wyeth

It dudn’t mean I won’t come back and stay beside you.