Martin Barrett

Marty Barrett is a writer working in Los Angeles.

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The Morris Day After


How I learned to stop worrying and seek a Stella to rap to.

Hell Is Second Amendment People

There is no exit from Donald Trump’s boneheadery.

Larry Vaughn 2016


His kids were on that beach, too, in 2016

What’s A Few Sharks Between Bombs?


Great shipwrecks of the 20th century:
1. The U.S.S. Indianapolis
2. The Edmund Fitzgerald
3. Watership Down/The Ark of the Covenant

“I Believe in America.”

What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?

Star Trek 237


Everyone calls me Doc, but I prefer Mister.

Blaming the Estuary Victim: Bad Massachusetts Accents As Justification for Homicide


“Pond’s for old ladies.”

Eat A Rocking Chair: The 8-Day Amity Island Diet


“It’s gonna be the best Fourth of July we ever had.”

Remembering A Time When the Whole Human Race Was Not Jazzing for Blue Jean

Also, “Life On Mars?” was originally titled “Life in France?”

This Ain’t No Party Or Boating Accident: Chrissie Watkins


Poor crabbyhanded Chrissie Watkins: We pour out our Narragansett to you.