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What Bob Seger And A Coelacanth Don’t Have To Say About Hope

Sometimes simple truths are more easily digested if they are delivered in close proximity to Motor City Rocker Bob Seger and the hollow-spined “living fossil” known as the coelacanth.

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Dog Poetry

Fauxtes: Quotes I Made Up Because It Sounds Better If Someone Else Said Them

Lost “Footprints” scrolls discovered

I think one reason the inspirational poster “Footprints” is anonymous is that it has so many logical flaws. It is the Dog Ate My Homework of all divine apologies, right up there with The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways to explain things like the Holocaust. We found this Extended Edition of Footprints in the break …

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What You Do Is Swallow It

Yes, but what will the rest of my family eat?

New Science from Zeus

You Can Use Mostly Posthumous BeatlesTM for Anything

So you know, Mostly-Posthumous BeatlesTM also supported gun control, anti-obesity education, universal healthcare and WiFi, tort reform, no-kill animal shelters, Fogelfoot, female priests, walruses, a woman’s right to choose, sneeze guards, the Designated Hitter, debt relief, and Hillary2016. (Of Interest: Julian painted the street and John didn’t even thank him.)

Words Next to Pictures I: What We Know About Alabama

I’m betting it all on the Genius Grant I will win for this project.

Team of Thrones