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Nov 18

Tales from Above the Law (First in A Series)

“Now I’m that guy with the dog that attacks people,” I would have said, weeping bitterly, from jail.

Jun 06

Upon First Looking — Really Looking — at My Newly-Paralyzed Dog’s Anus

“This isn’t fun for me, either,” I said. “But let’s get through it.”

Feb 07

Christmas in L.A. Is Officially Over

This year’s Christmas season lasted from roughly August 30 to Super Bowl Sunday.

Nov 26

How I Lived To Be 47

Simple tips to help you beat the odds—and the will of God—to live to 47.

Dec 04

Petsplaining: Smell My Dog

I have determined that my dog is a Posby.

Dec 31

Frampton Comes Alive

Frampton Chelsea Barrett, 1996-2014

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Jul 10

Dog Poetry

Gordon Thunderfoot