June 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “How I Lived To Be 47

  1. 1. The joke’s on all of us, because “Snoop Lion” is now “Snoopzilla”…and the Snoopouroboros is NEARLY complete.

    2. Gordon Thunderfoot howls at the emergency vehicle because he DOES, in fact, Not Know…which–the sages assure us–is “most intimate.” (Answer his howls by saying “mu” to him next time, and see how satisfactory he finds your answer.)

    3. Dumplings are %$#@ing delicious no matter HOW they look. (You’ll achieve this wisdom next year, when you’re 48–like most normal people are.)

  2. I am Jamie’s sister Jade. I almost drank myself to death 3/15/15-8/23/15. Buster’s death and my sisters actions, which you suggested in his proper obituary, saved my life. This week I am sober 18 months and living a happy, joyous and free life. Thank you more than my words are able to express.

  3. I am Jamie’s sister Jade. I nearly drank myself to death from March 15,2015 to August 23,2015. Tonight I picked up my 18 month coin came home and recalled the gratitude I have for Buster, my sister and you. Buster did not die in vain. Rereading your obituary words tonight, realizing I lived because Jamie took all of your suggestion. I just want to thank you, Jade

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