June 1, 2023

4 thoughts on ““Katmandu”: Cat Stevens

  1. Some time around 1988, after listening to “Tea for the Tillerman” steadily for several months, I decided that I was gonna quit my band, quit college, and go across the country to Alaska, “on the road to find out.”

    Luckily, my friend Steve–who was supposed to come with me (we were gonna start out by camping on his uncle’s land in Utah, or some damned thing)–flaked out and didn’t show up at the appointed morning of our departure. I ended up just pacing my apartment living room, unlit pipe full of cherry cavendish clenched in my teeth, big floppy green felt hat on, kicking at my packed knapsack, and periodically looking down at the street and checking my watch.

    Were it not for his wussing out, in all likelihood I would have ended up as a dessicated Christopher McCandless-style cadaver in some distant corner of the American wilderness. (Hah…while McCandless was still in high school, I might add.)

    My point is, young people: beware of Cat Stevens. The man is a genius, but he GETS to ya.

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