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Jun 18

Don’t Throw Away Your Cows

Cows are watching from the ceiling.

Jan 10

“Katmandu”: Cat Stevens

Two 2014 inductees to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame appear on this beautiful song, and neither one of them is Kiss.

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Jan 06

“Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO

What better way to start the year than “Mr. Blue Sky”?

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Dec 31

New Year’s Resolution: To Not Be Like Mrs. Thistlewaite

It’s important to be aware of our surroundings and not look like a jackass.

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Aug 15

So You Know: Haters Are Restricting Your Good Time

Oppressors are denying your right to party, censoring your fun, and even removing several hours of the day just to keep you from having a good time, says Top 40 radio.

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Jul 04

Squalor Beautification Tips pt. I

Backstage Scoop: I asked the children (actual children and not actors) to look at me as little as possible while playing video games. They got the hang of it immediately and I didn’t have to tell them again!