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Jan 01

“Jeans On” by Lord David Dundas

Jeans, motorbikes, and your pretty face. We have everything we need.

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Aug 01

Baby steps, Skynet


Skynet is definitely inching toward self-awareness when it starts in with the wishful-thinking targeted advertising.

Jul 19

In-n-Out of Favor with the Lord: Fast Food Bible Passages

As much as a first visit to In-n-Out Burger is a revelation (“How can fast food burgers taste this good?“), it’s that much more special when a customer finds a verse from the actual Book of Revelation on his hamburger wrapper. Since 1948 In-n-Out Burger has been a southwestern craving; a friendly burger chain with …

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Jul 03

Working on Some New Campaigns for the San Diego Zoo

Delphon the Panda

These coy, morbidly obese buggers are masters of deception!