Sunset over Myra is neither about a person named Myra nor an actual sunset

Sunset over Myra

Sunset over Myra

The West is the best.”—Jim Morrison

Also: “Ride the snake.”
It would be cool to say that there are a whole lot of transactions going on beneath the Sunset Blvd. bridge over Myra Ave., here in Hollywood, with communities living off the grid, serving no master, taking care of their own, evolving tentacles for foraging and the coming flood, secreting a substance they can all live off of, seeing in the dark, creating a matriarchal society with a twist (dogs can vote), inventing a new language, making cheese, recycling paper, sweating less, importing Mexican Pepsi, converting lead into gold, naming their children Kenny, and breeding a sense of remorselessness, but there’s a lot of traffic down there and you’d probably have to knock out those lights under the bridge for anything like that to happen.

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