What Bob Seger And A Coelacanth Don’t Have To Say About Hope

The coelecanth is not way up, firm, and high, traditionally

The coelacanth is a black-haired beauty with deep, dark eyes, and lives off the coast of Indonesia

Sometimes simple truths are more easily digested if they are delivered in close proximity to Motor City Rocker Bob Seger and the hollow-spined “living fossil” known as the coelacanth.

Even if Seger’s credo of having “tonight” (therefore not needing “tomorrow”) and the coelacanth is remarkable for not having evolved in 400 million years (and not likely to any time soon), the simple act of placing the two next to a quote about hope would suggest that both are on board with what I’m saying here.

Make sure you place this poster way up, firm, and high in your breakroom.

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