A Visit to L.A. County Men’s Central Jail

It is a dead bird

It is a dead bird

As you are well aware, I stay away from seedy things. But today Seedy took a bus to me.

[Actually I was just planning to mail a letter around the corner at the Post Office. I’d been driving by when I realized I was carrying an unmailed letter around. I banged a right into a parking lot that had a sign that read $5 Parking but I 1.) Wasn’t going to pay no $5 to send a .44 letter and 2.) Didn’t think we had yet come to a place where the USPS would charge a citizen to park. So I went around the corner and found a nice bail bondsman’s office. “Just like in ‘Jackie Brown,’ I thought. “This guy would really be capitalizing on the misery of his clients if he charged for parking.” And then I saw the Dead Bird.]

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