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Marty Barrett is a writer working in Los Angeles.

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Lesser-known Inaugural Traditions

Barack Obama took the oath of office today as the 44th President of the United States, continuing an unbroken succession of leaders dating back two centuries. George Washington started many traditions in the inaugural inaugural in 1789, including using a Bible. It is worth noting that “So help me God” is not part of the …

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Living presidents in the news

Barack Obama’s recent photo opportunity with the current (for 12 more hours) and three former presidents is part of a journalistic tradition that delights in getting like things in the same place, like squishing puppies together. Throughout U.S. history there have never been more than four former presidents in the same room with the current …

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Mean streets of Primm

Growing up on the hardscrabble streets of Primm can be gritty, and mean, and grim, not to mention hardscrabble. It is not lost on local residents that “grim” even rhymes with the name of their town. “Not lost on me at all,” said Whiskey Pete’s croupier Vera Morgan. “In fact, before I got into Sudoku …

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Bumble, Saruman decide on Hesperia

The leader of the Istari says, “It reminds me of the foothills of cruel Caradhras, under which dwells the Balrog of Moria. Hesperia is a town of shadow and flame” while the scourge of Yukon Cornelius calls the San Bernardino County hotspot “the Glendale of the high desert.” See also: The City of Hesperia

Between Clark And Hilldale — Love Reimagined at the Whisky


Last night’s Arthur Lee benefit at the Whisky a Go Go captured the lawlessness of the 60’s Sunset Strip and the flawlessness of “Forever Changes.” Lee, the genius behind 60’s psychedelic band Love, is battling leukemia and has no insurance, so a benefit was put together at the last remaining Sunset Strip club from the …

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