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This complete version of “Footprints” was recently unearthed in the ruins of the Ur Office Park in Nethermost Ip.

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tumblr_m9u20ghZZL1rcjr1n 30stories30days: All you need to know about Los Angeles, by Fogelfoot.

Limericks on the Passing of Sun Myung Moon

-I- “True Father,” I asked, agitated: “Mass-weddings are too populated. My sweetie’s O.K. To share her Big Day But must they watch us consummate it?” -II- Today’s earthbound deities require A classier cult to inspire: You should never be seen In a car that’s Korean If you want to be called the Messiah. -III- S. …

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The End Times Are At Hand

I will be dismantling and rebooting in the next few weeks. What does that mean to you? Having maintained a personal site for more than ten years (as well as operating several others), it’s clear that the blog format has become obsolete (or, at least, insufficient for my purposes, which include falconry, dismemberment, cheese …

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Fogelfoot at Fais Do Do

For my upcoming extra large birthday party at Los Angeles’ Club Fais Do Do on Sunday, November 22, I have enlisted the services of Fogelfoot, the only band listed on the Periodic Table of the Elements and the only band to fully utilize the potential of the Baritone Horn in a rock setting. The event …

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O Captain Trips, My Captain Trips

Standing in line with a thousand other people this morning for my Swine Flu (It’s Not Just for Pigs AnymoreTM) shot, I was struck by how, if only the public health system had been as advanced during the time of “The Stand,” Las Vegas would not have been destroyed by the Trashcan Man’s atom bomb, …

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I’m only happy when it rains

Los Angeles can be so ungrateful. Just weeks after the the city nearly burned down, the rain that usually waits until, at the earliest, Halloween arrived in amounts that anywhere else would seem innocuous. And people were angry about it. “How about THIS RAIN?” someone at the PTA meeting said last night. “I wonder if …

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One after 9/09

Today the surviving Beatles and the estates of John Lennon and George Harrison, as well as the financial and marketing entities that represent the interests of the former Fab Four, have reissued the Beatles catalog in remastered mono and stereo and have released a version of the videogame “Rockband” featuring the group’s music. This means …

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What Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Comics means to you

Today the Walt Disney Company announced it had agreed to purchase Marvel Comics for $4 billion in cash and stock. Marvel’s board is likely to agree, making the bold acquisition the largest media buyout since last year’s economic collapse. But fans of both cultural institutions are concerned with the purity of iconic characters and storylines. …

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Jackson estate: “Don’t treat us like Butkus”

Providers of Funeral and Ossuary services, collectively known as the Cadaverous Arts, face challenges other merchants don’t: How to advertise a product for which someone has to die in order to use? The bulletin at St. Margaret’s Church featured (and probably still does) a back page of ads from local businesses, several of which were …

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