Mr. Creosote
One day I’ll be dead, kids. Probably murdered. Maybe even by you. But I am your father and I still want you to eat, even in your little patricide’s hovel of shame and regret. That is why I am going to gradually add some of the recipes that have delighted you over the years. Each of these recipes has a story. Most of them were taught to me by someone else and I modified them to my taste, budget, spiritual path, and artistic vision.

Chicken Celerito

This was the first dish that someone else made for me that made me think that food could be an instrument of love. I have changed the original name. Please pronounce “Celerito” with a hard C so that it emphasizes not only the celery but the quickness with which you will feel loved. Like this:Like …

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UU Ain’t No Challaback Bread

Marty’s UU Ain’t No Challaback Bread I arrived at this recipe like a dirty secret. This makes two delicious, vaguely-gooey loaves of challah that are not to be braided. You can try to braid them, but you will be thwarted. Like this:Like Loading…

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