Wisdom from a Coelacanth, pt. II


More and more, people are turning to the ancient, hollow-spined coelacanth for easily digestible inspirational quotes, suitable for framing, bumper stickers, keychains, Human Resources offices, suicide hotlines, megachurches and, of course, social media. During a recent appearance on The Today Show, the Dalai Lama himself cheerfully admitted to sticking a whole coelacanth in his mouth for a daily dose of wisdom.

Now you, too, can profit and grow from the sage coelacanth’s truths, disseminated with loving kindness and namaste and all that shit.

The enlightened coelacanth will appear regularly on this site, or whenever inspiration strikes, until the world is completely remade in white light and the star children and ancients return and the goddess welcomes the serpent or something or other. I don’t know.

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  1. Oh eloquent Coelecanth,
    Why wont no goddess
    Welcome MY serpent???

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