June 1, 2023

1 thought on “Today We’ll Drink the Gargled Jell-O

  1. I heart the 99 Cent Only stores. When we first started going there, I cried, because we’d been on such a budget at the time that I was often hungry. We’d go to Ralphs, and we’d have to choose between cheese and beans to meet our foot budget for the week. That’s around the time I stole food from my work, because we didn’t have enough at home. At the 99 Cent Only store, we could actually fill our cart and not have to put things back, and we were finding fresh, local, organic produce. It’s an amazing place and highly underrated. There are some weirdoes there, and plenty of sugary crap, but they really are a wonder. Last time, I got my favorite brand of coconut water that costs $5 in other stores.

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