The End Times Are At Hand

I will be dismantling and rebooting in the next few weeks. What does that mean to you?

Having maintained a personal site for more than ten years (as well as operating several others), it’s clear that the blog format has become obsolete (or, at least, insufficient for my purposes, which include falconry, dismemberment, cheese velocity studies, my Rails to Rails population control/aversion therapy program, by which I sprinkle cocaine on train tracks, antiquarian arts such as card-sharpery and racetrack hucksterism, non-contiguous moustaches twirling and shaping, Druid-baiting, and the outsider-occultist practices of contacting the spirit world for half-price airfare), and must be reconsidered to strengthen our relationship via various methods that will come to characterize the early teens decade of the 21st century.

If Twitter and Facebook and their logical successors have made microblogging an accessible pastime for the hoi polloi, social networks have also made macroblogging not only a retronym but less lucrative for someone like me. But I won’t be curmudgeonly about it; I’ll just reinvent this site to reflect the coming me-defined Zeitgeist revolution.

Q. But Marty Barrett, how can I help?
A. Part of the site will include my updated Blurbotron (I’ve seen instances of this word since, but there is evidence to suggest I invented it), which will include quotes from famous, semi-famous, reluctantly famous, infamous, decidedly unfamous, below the radar, Type B personalized, shy people like you about me, such as

  • “Marty Barrett is a conduit of ridiculous shit” – Jamye Waxman, M. Ed, Los Angeles
  • “Senor Barrett es El Rey de la Oscuridad” – Alejandra Villareal, Event Planner, Miami
  • “Marty Barrett is a national treasure” – Stephen Johnson, pundit, 1991

Such quotes become more real simply because L. Ron Hubbard didn’t say them.

So if you have a quote for the Blurbotron, send them to me via mfb at Include your name, occupation, and city.

I look forward to seeing you in my new SEO-friendly, platform-agnostic, video-enabled, PHP-driven, RSS-fed incarnation shortly.

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