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Jul 30

What’s A Few Sharks Between Bombs?

Great shipwrecks of the 20th century:
1. The U.S.S. Indianapolis
2. The Edmund Fitzgerald
3. Watership Down/The Ark of the Covenant

Nov 10

When the Edmund Fitzgerald Weighed Empty

I am of a generation of men who spent their childhoods thinking Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” was the most badass song ever (the ladies in-waiting included C.W. McCall’s “Convoy,” “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band and, of course, Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”). It was only later that …

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Sep 17

Super-Absorbent: A Song

How to make relationship decisions.

Jun 30

Big in Bremen at Club Fais Do Do

Big in Bremen 6.29.13

Lately I’ve been playing with a new band, Big in Bremen, whose work I can only describe as Wi-Fi-enabled Gypsy Music. I play trumpet and sing a couple songs (I enjoy singing “Streets of Laredo”). We perform songs in Russian and French, Mamas & Papas covers, and now and then a lesser-used song I wrote …

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(No title)


Both Tonight

(lyrics by Marty Barrett, music by Fogelfoot)

Slip into the restroom, Lady

Watch all the debutantes take flight

They’re jealous of your body…

That roomy velvet pantsuit.

Then you say, then you say, 

“Why don’t you kill us both tonight?”

Order off the menu, Woman

I’ll make sure your lamb shank’s done up right

There’s something special cooking—

Meanwhile, have another Mudslide

I guess they’ll have to take a check

Because I plan to kill us both tonight.

No more crying; Spaceship’s coming

To the secret rendezvous

No one’s saying we’re too ugly, Baby

Now the bottle’s pointed right at you.

Join me on the altar

I’ll hold your hand in the pale moonlight

Prepare you for the Elders—

I know they’re going to love you.

It’s just like going to sleep.

(When I kill us both tonight.)


(No title)



All you need to know about Los Angeles, by Fogelfoot.