March 25, 2023

4 thoughts on ““Space Oddity,” “Major Tom,” “Ashes to Ashes,” “Hallo Spaceboy” — David Bowie, Peter Schilling

  1. Trash “Exorcist III,” will you? :-O

    Featuring as it does the SCARIEST MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA? (in the hospital, with that sheet-covered person suddenly lurches into the frame, chasing after that nurse and brandishing the bone shears?) Plus, I mean, Brad Dourif is an acting DEMIGOD–to whom you owe an apology.

    Wait. Unless, of course, you DO properly appreciate the film…in which case you’re giving “Major Tom (Coming Home)” way too much relatively credit.

    Now I’m confused.

    Look, let’s all just agree that you need to apologize to Brad Dourif, either way. Give him a call. Don’t be a big shot.

  2. I LOVE “Exorcist III” for just that reason in addition to the very enjoyable relationship between the cop and the priest — something that was also great about the first movie — and Father Karras’s cameo. And Brad Dourif was great in his 80’s horror actor incarnation (he was also Chucky). Still, I’ll give him a call. Wormtongue owes me money.

  3. Also: earlier this year, while working on “real-time social media response”/whatever-you-call-it for a Prominent Financial Institution (um…they’re a Bank, and they’re [cough] of America)…I came THIS CLOSE–like, within hours/inches–of successfully getting a video tribute posted to their social channels which featured “Major Tom (Coming Home)” song. (It was a salute to Commander Hadfield–remember him?–after his “Space Oddity” thing took the internets by storm…)

    Within a day or so we had a rough cut, client loved it. Talked to Schilling’s people in Germany and everything, they were into it. Even agreed on a reasonable fee for the licensing.

    But then the Canadian Space Agency wouldn’t/couldn’t license us the footage we had wanted to use, and we were dead in the water.

    True story.

    It would have been worth it, just to write a check to Peter Schilling that I knew came partially from my own taxes/TARP bail-out money.

    1. Was it because you’re always trying to license the image of Anne Murray’s face on the moon from the Canadian Space Agency? They were embarrassed when that was revealed to be a hoax. I’m sorry and not sorry that a bank that once charged me #350 for a Venti Mocha from Starbucks didn’t get the benefit of a schilling.

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