March 25, 2023

2 thoughts on ““Moon River”: Henry Mancini And Johnny Mercer

  1. Fer cripes’ sake! I had no idea that all those personages/bands covered this tune.

    None of ’em, obvs, comes close to the Marisol version.

    Anyway, all of this made me feel compelled to share my FAVORITE CHORD of this with y’all. (Well, at least it’s the way I was taught it. By an old man. By the side of the road. With his hat at a jaunty angle, carrying nothing but a bindle and an iPad mini. And so forth.

  2. Dammit, Marty – you are such a cool dad to those kids! I hope I live long enough to see the better world they help make it… or at least to hear their stunning commentary if the world still kinda sucks. No doubt they’ll inherit your fabulous way with words.

    Lovely rendition, Marisol! And here I thought you started her singing career covering The Killers. Live and learn. Rock on, little sister friend!

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