Mean streets of Primm

Growing up on the hardscrabble streets of Primm can be gritty, and mean, and grim, not to mention hardscrabble. It is not lost on local residents that “grim” even rhymes with the name of their town.

“Not lost on me at all,” said Whiskey Pete’s croupier Vera Morgan. “In fact, before I got into Sudoku I would randomly rhyme words together, and ‘grim’ was the first word I landed on after I said ‘Primm.’ Sometimes I even forgot to go for the obvious one, ‘prim,’ because it just didn’t seem appropriate.”

I will be hosting an 18-part series on the history of this Nevada border town that is more roller coaster than town. In fact, I will even launch a website called Grim Primm. I see it’s available. In fact, I see the rest of my life neatly laid out before me. You would be envious of the certainty I possess.

One gets so full of ideas after a long drive and a stop for coffee in Hesperia and nowhere to relieve oneself, doesn’t one?

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